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Crude oil and natural gas remain one of the most important, hardly replaceable energy resources for our century. Therefore the exploration and development of the hydrocarbon fields need earth science engineers in the long term.  Petroleum Geoengineering master program builds up on strong earth sciences (geology, geophysics, geoinformatics, hydrogeology) and also petroleum engineering basic skills in development, production, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons. Students will have an overview of the whole upstream part of the petroleum industry. The program focuses on competencies, skills and methods applied in geology, geophysics, petrophysics and geochemistry as demanded by hydrocarbon exploration, field development and production projects. Special attention is paid to the grey area between geology and petroleum engineering including but not limited to estimation, categorization and classification of resources and reserves as well as management of petroleum exploration and production projects. Since this is one of the most globalized industries in our time, it gives a great advantage if the graduates learn and practice the subjects in the generally accepted language of professional in English. 

Entry requirements:
Entry requirement is BSc or BEng degree (minimum 6 semesters) in Gelogy, Geophysics, Geological engineering, Earth Sciences, Earth Sciences engineering, or Petroleum engineering

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Following the formal check of uploaded documents, the Entrance Examination Committee of the Faculty (3 members) invites the candidate to a Skype interview, the maximum score of which is 100. Evaluation criteria: result of BSc degree based on GPA (max. 35%), competency in the given study field, motivation (max. 30%), relevancy and topic of BSc thesis (max. 15%), English language communication and command (max. 20%).

Ms Henriett TÓTH

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Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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