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Program description:
The aim of the BA in Tourism and Catering is to train/educate economists who will fulfil the joint criteria of the economic and business modules of the BA in Economics course as well as acquiring They acquire knowledge in: § the characteristics and operation of the tourism industry, their sub-branches and the related industries (hospitality, catering, tour operation, transport, etc.) both at the macro and micro levels, § the characteristics of the tourism stakeholders, the key players interested in and affected by tourism, § the system of services available for tourists, § the principles and methods of organising, managing and operating various tourism businesses (hospitality, catering, tour operation, leisure attractions, etc.), § the technological processes supporting tourism services, the governing regulations and implementation, § tourism-related community and not-for-profit activities, links to state administration, government and local authorities, regional development, culture, etc., the organisational system of tourism in Hungary and national and international tourism bodies, § the most important non-economic factors influencing the operation of tourism businesses, geographic, cultural, environmental and legal factors, § the characteristics, principles of and methods used in the various operational areas and functions of tourism businesses (such as marketing, finance, human resource management, control, etc.). § The theoretical knowledge the BA tourism students acquire will enable them to enter higher level(s) of education. Students will have competencies in: § undertaking tasks and jobs in the various specialist areas of tourism (such as hospitality, catering, tour operation, etc.) § addressing the problems related to services and intensive customer care in an effective way, with special attention to the potential intercultural conflicts § managing conflicting interests in tourism development § fulfilling communicational tasks involved with international tourism with high quality, which requires the advanced level knowledge of at least one foreign language § using general and area specific IT skills in an effective way § using specific communications techniques for business meetings, presentations, information gathering and persuasion, which are of utmost importance in tourism § flexibly adjusting to the constantly changing (renewing) external and internal business environments § autonomous career building, using the knowledge gained through experience and/or organised continuous professional development training § widening and deepening their tourism-related knowledge acquired during their undergraduate studies with practical experience, as well as adapting to the specific criteria of the various tourism jobs § undertaking management jobs in tourism businesses. Students will have the following skills: § abilities and willingness to become a member of the organisation of tourism businesses § accepting the behavioural norms defined by the role played in the organisation both in terms of colleagues and the external world, and with special attention to the service positions § positive attitude towards guests as customers § using creativity to maximise the potential in the external influencing factors for tourism § linking individual and company success § willingness to make the most of the position within the company § recognising the responsibilities based on the awareness of the economic, social and environmental impacts of the companys operation (also recognising these responsibilities, for instance in tourism marketing, at the personal level).

Entry requirements:
secondary school final exam, TOEFL, IELTS, Attestation of Language Proficiency in case of English language former study

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
After sending all the necessary application documents, the applicant takes a professional entrance examination via Skype organised by the Admission Committee of the Faculty of Business and Economics.

Ms Tünde Vajda
program administrator

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Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States