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Program description:
The course aims to train tourism professionals who after acquiring knowledge in economics, social sciences, management and leadership, and in areas specific for tourism, are able to undertake tasks in planning, management and coordination at local, regional, national and international levels, for tourism businesses, multinational companies, for government and local authority bodies, administrative units, planning institutions and in the not for profit sector. The acquired theoretical and methodological knowledge will enable graduates to continue their studies at doctoral level in the areas of management and tourism.

Entry requirements:
Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in the field of tourism or economics or management.

Application without precondition: Those holding a bachelor’s degree in the field of tourism can be accepted to the Master’s programme without precondition.

Application with precondition: Students holding a degree of any level of higher education need to have at least 60 credit points from their earlier studies completed in certain study fields: 40 credits in business, economics and methodological foundation modules and 20 credits in the area of tourism. Students can be admitted if they have at least 30 credits in the above fields but they will have to complete extra modules to collect the necessary credits during the first year of their MA studies.

TOEFL or IELTS language certificate or Attestation of Language Proficiency in the case of former studies in English.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
After submitting all the necessary application documents online, the applicant takes a professional entrance examination (interview) via Skype organised by the Admission Committee of the Faculty of Business and Economics. The interview assesses the background knowledge, language skills and motivation of the applicants. The results are measured on a scale of 1-100 and the applicant have to score at least 56 points to get admitted.

Ms Tünde Vajda
program administrator

Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:

Minimum number of scholarship holders:

Maximum number of scholarship holders:


Programme structure

Career opportunities

Graduates can be employed by:
- tourism destination management organisations (DMOs),
- national tourism management bodies,
- hotels and hotel chains,
- tour operators, conference organisers,
- environmental protection organisations, national parks,
- cultural institutions, festival organisers,
- sports facilities, organisers of sport events,
- research institutes, consulting firms, tendering business,
- higher educational institutions offering tourism courses.
Furthermore, the obtained knowledge will qualify our graduates to launch and successfully operate their own businesses.

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Not available for applying at the moment
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