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This programme provides complete theoretical and practical training in pharmacy. The diploma issued by the Faculty of Pharmacy is accepted by all European Union countries and several other countries. (The Academic Program offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy leads to the Pharmacy degree with a Dr. Pharm. title. This program extends over a period of five years (10 semesters). It begins with an introduction to the basic sciences providing a basis for further pharmaceutical studies. In the second part of the program, students take part in general and special pharmaceutical education at the university departments, teaching pharmacies, institutes, laboratories and pharmaceutical works. The Pharmacy diploma entitles the bearer to work in public and hospital pharmacies, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical research institutes, international commercial trade of pharmaceuticals, and management of pharmaceutical materials.

Entrance exam:

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Entrance exam description:
Applicants have to take an oral entrance exam either electronically (by Skype/Zoom interview) or in person in Pécs. The entrance exam interview consists of questions on motivation, as well as on Biology and Chemistry.

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Programme structure

- Total credit requirement: 300
- Thesis
- Final State Board examination
- The minimum amount of credits to be collected in every semester is 18.

The diploma program consists of five years of basic and special studies. The
first two years are devoted to the basic sciences. The 3rd and 4th years
specifically concentrate on the special pharmaceutical sciences. After the 2nd,
3rd and 4th years, students take part in practical training on three occasions, in
public pharmacies or at a pharmaceutical company in Hungary or in their
countries. In the 9th semester students must submit a written Thesis, and in the
10th semester they are engaged for 4 months in a practical training program in
public and hospital pharmacies. After the practical training period, students take
examinations in the presence of the State Board, where they have to prove their
skills in pharmaceutical sciences (both practical and theoretical).
Recommended progress pace 30 +/- 3 credits per semester.
Courses can be classified into three categories. During their studies students
must accomplish ALL obligatory subjects in order to graduate. Among them are
the criterion requirements, which end only by getting the semester closing
signature – these are the Physical Education classes and typically the summer
professional practices.
Non-obligatory subjects are a rich assortment of subjects, from which students
are to choose according to their interest, this way acquiring 20% of credits
required for graduation. Elective subjects (15% of sum) are usually provide
additional information to the core curriculum, optional subjects (5%) are
informative, interesting studies less strictly related to obligatory subjects.

Grading in a given subject is done on a five point scale:

An excellent (5) – grade is assigned to the student who thoroughly knows the
entire subject matter in all of its inherent relationships and is able to
independently apply his/her knowledge with absolute certainty;
A good (4) – grade is assigned to the student who thoroughly knows the entire
subject matter of the course and can safely apply its content;
A satisfactory (3) – grade is assigned to the student who knows the significant
portions of the subject matter of the course and is able to apply them with
suitable safety;
A pass (2) – grade is assigned to the student who knows the significant parts of
the course on a satisfactory level and is able to damonstrate an acceptable level
of familiarity in the application of the content of the course;
A fail (1) – grade is assigned to the student who does not command sufficient
knowledge and demonstrate skill an applying the practices of his/her chosen

Qualification – excellent (Exc), average (Av) or fail (Fail).
Signature – pass (Pass) or fail (Fail)

Career opportunities

Pharmacist (Dr. Pharm. – doctor pharmaciae)

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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