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The PhD programme of the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Law, University of Pécs enables lawyers to conduct original research with major impact on academia and legal practice. The good research infrastructure and the remarkable scientific network create a unique opportunity to undertake research in any field of law and the relating disciplines. The Faculty of Law considers internationalisation to be an important priority in doctoral education as well and thus welcomes all interested foreign students to its programme. The Doctoral School specifically encourages a focus on European and international aspects of law, multidisciplinary research methods and participation in international research projects.

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Evaluation of submitted documents, online interview and ranking of applicants


Programme structure

Requirements for awarding the doctoral (PhD) degree:
a) Acquisition of an absolutorium within the framework of doctoral training organized in
the discipline of law and political science.
b) Proving knowledge of two foreign languages by passing two complex (oral and written)
state-accredited – or other equivalent recognized/nostrified – language exams at
intermediate (B2) and elementary (B1) levels respectively, or by a university or college
degree in a foreign language, or by a professional translator’s certificate. The language in
which the student has passed an intermediate level exam must be a foreign language that is
necessary for the academic research of the doctoral research topic, or if the study of the
topic does not require any special knowledge of a foreign language, English, German,
French, Russian, Spanish and Italian may be accepted.
c) Successful defence of the doctoral dissertation during a public debate.
Knowledge of the two foreign languages shall – in addition to those specified above – be
verified in each case in relation to the doctoral candidate’s mother tongue.


1. During the training period a doctoral student shall collect minimum 60, but maximum
100 credits by attending lectures and consultations. (Training credit)
2. During the period of organized training a doctoral student shall collect minimum 140
credits by his or her research activity. (Research credit)
3. During the entire period of organized training a student shall be granted maximum 40
credits for the teaching activity carried out by him or her. (Teaching credit)

Credits can be obatained by attending the organized training, writing essays, publishing
articles and giving presentations on conferences.

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Not available for applying at the moment
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