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Program description:
The aim of the Geography MSc programme is to train professional Geographers with expertise in the fields of landscape and environmental management as well as regional and urban planning.
Graduates of the programme are able to understand the spatial aspects of environmental, and social processes, to develop research-based solutions, to demonstrate and communicate research results, to plan and manage the sustainable development of natural and human environment and to influence policy-making. The skills and competencies gained during the programme meet the expectations of various types of employers from local and regional
administration, to management and planning authorities (e.g.
environmental protection, urban development). Through IT knowledge,
and analytical skills graduates are able to participate in planning
processes, to prepare studies and policy documents and to work

The basic courses serve the acquisition of the necessary theoretical background, while the compulsory core courses are aimed to improve the skills and attitudes related to analytical, practical and independent thinking in the field of landscape and environment management and urban development. The necessary professional expertise is achieved by the compulsory external professional training (5 credits). Good problem recognition and problem solving, moreover information processing skills are important general competencies that are aimed to improve on the practice courses. The several group project works on the courses demonstrate the importance of responsible team-work.

The basic courses include geographical research methods, modelling and simulation, project management, regional policy and spatial development, political and social geography, landscape planning and environmental risk assessment. The core fields of studies are spatial data collection and analysis, visualisation, environmental planning, urban planning, rural development, place marketing, vegetation analysis and hydrological planning. From the 2nd semester students start to work on a research project leading to an MSC thesis by the end of the 4th semester. The MSc programme is finished by a final examination.

Entry requirements: Degrees approved with special conditions: Earth science/Geology, Environmental Science, Environmental engineering, Geo-Engineering, Geodetic Engineering, Garden and Landscape Architecture, Economic and Rural Development, Environmental Management, Agricultural Engineering, Nature Conservation Engineering, Tourism and Hospitality Management or relevant disciplines.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:
Oral skype interview

Entrance exam location:
Online skype interview

Entrance exam description:
““Evaluation will be based on the- Quality of the submitted BSc/MSc Degree- Quality of the Skype interview- Extra points can be earned for extra language exams, studying abroad, or participation in projects and articles”“

Dr. Ferenc Kovács
associate professor

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Not available for applying at the moment