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Program description:
This 2-year programme offers an interdisciplinary curriculum in Business Economics and International (Economic) Relations, with further emphasis on Political Sciences, European Studies and Law. Basic theoretical fields cover European Integration, Diplomatic Relations, Social Sciences Research and Political Economics. The programme combines both theories and practices through interdisciplinary educational methodology and a working method that is intended to use practical and theoretical teaching simultaneously (e.g. through simulations, case studies etc.). The programme itself is a specialised module on the Legal and Business Aspects of International Economic Relations. During the programme there is a focus on developing skills like specialised English language proficiency, negotiation techniques, and also communication, analytical and rhetorical skills. Graduates of the Faculty usually choose their careers in government or the public sector at international firms or civil organisations. There is also an opportunity to continue studies in PhD programmes.

Entry requirements:
BA degrees particularly in International Relations, Political Sciences, International Law, International Business, Law and Political Sciences, Public Administration, Public Management, and in different Social Sciences programs. (Note: Transcripts are subject to review by the Institution to check compliance with its program-specific entry requirements. The right to refuse non-compliant applications on these grounds is reserved.)

Entrance exam:

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Entrance exam description:
Fully Completed Application Form with all required attachments, especially copy of degree and language certificate. Required language skill: English – IELTS 6.5 or interchangeable TOEFL 79-93 score interval (equivalent to CEFR B1-C2 level), or above. Language skill subject to verification on the occasion of an Admission Interview. Degrees Eligible for Admission: BA in International Relations, BA in International Studies and Undergraduate Degree in Law (for international students).

Dr. Gizem Gültekin-Várkonyi
Senior lecturer, Program coordinator

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Not available for applying at the moment