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10-semester undivided master-degree training, title awarded: Doctor Medicinae Dentaire (D.M.D.) The training proceeds in the form of regular, uniform, undivided master – degree training over a period of 5 years (10 semesters). The first two years cover the theoretical module, where students are taught the basic sciences which are the foundation of clinical dentistry. From the second year on more emphasis is placed on the study of dental diseases and their treatment. The two semesters in the 3rd year are dedicated to completing the preclinical module. Aside from pathophysiology and pathology, basic training in dentistry at this level includes restorative dentistry, prosthetic and oral surgery propedeutics. A part of the practical assignments consists of skill development and manual training. For example, the various manoeuvres, postures, use of instruments and handling materials that will be applied later on are mastered on phantom heads in the training laboratory. In year 4 and year 5 students develop their skills going through the clinical module, by carrying on with the treatment of patients which started during the summer practice, and achieve a level of proficiency required by the dentist’s profession. Gradually, students perform work more and more independently in the course of clinical practice, and further develop their skills and acquire knowledge and experience under continuous professional supervision.

Program Coordinator
Prof. Dr. Márta Radnai

Dr. Márió Gajdács

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