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Program description:
Doctoral students participating in the organized program have to collect 240 credit points to obtain the absolutorium. The program lasts 48 month, divided to 8 semesters. Students have to collect at least 20 credit points each semester, while the maximum is 45/semester. 90 credits must be collected during the first 4 semesters. 15 credits can be obtained each semester with laboratory research work (experimental work, literature search, calculations, etc.). The doctoral students shall gain credit points for international journal articles (10 credit/article, max. 40 in total), own conference presentations (5 credit/talk, max. 10 in total, 3 credit/poster, max. 9 in total). Altogether at least 130 credits need to be obtained with research work (the maximum is 179). The coursework is honored with 5 credit/class (2h/week, 14 week/semester). At least 5 courses have to be completed during the first two years (min. 25 credits). A maximum of 35 credits can be collected with coursework. Teaching assistantship is honored with 2 credits/hour. Maximum 8 credits/semester can be obtained with teaching. Altogether a minimum of 24 credits have to be gained (max. 48). At least 2, max. 4 reports have to be given at the department where the research work of the doctoral student is carried out. 3 credit points will be given for each presentation. 1-1 presentation is mandatory in the first and second half of the program, respectively.

The Doctoral School of Chemistry has 7 research programs: Analytical Chemistry,
Bioorganic Chemistry, Catalysis Surface-Colloid and Material Science,
Chemistry of Coordination Compounds, Physical Chemistry,
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Theoretical Chemistry

Entry requirements:
MSc diploma or equivalent degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, pharmacy or other relevant subject , at least intermediate level certified by internationally accredited language examination : TELC B2, ECL B2, TOEFL iBT test score of at least 72, or RPDT score 72, Cambridge First Certificate at least “”““B”“”“, IELTS score of at least 5.5, LanguageCert B2 level

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:
interview online

Entrance exam description:
Application procedure: The applicants shall apply online until the deadline. The applicants shall submit the proofs of their previous studies, including a certificate which includes the GPA of the completed courses. The applicants shall submit the proofs of their previous scientific achievements (publications, posters, etc.) The applicants shall submit a motivation letter. Based on the above documents, the Entrance Exam Committee (appointed by the Council of the Doctoral School) will shortlist the suitable candidates for a Skype interview. The Entrance Exam Committee consists of 3 people, which includes the Head/Deputy Head of the School, and the Head of the Relevant Program. The Skype interview last approx. 20 minutes, where the applicants will be asked to present their previous research experience as well as to answer to the questions of the Committee.

Please check the website of the doctoral school:

Dr. Ágota Tóth

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