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Program description:
The objective of the Doctoral Program of Social Communication is to prepare students to carry out high quality research in the following areas: the examination of issues of theoretical and applied communication, the clarification of the notion of communication, its role in society and its theoretical context, as well as the exploration of the sociological, socio/psychological, cultural, anthropological and ethological aspects of communication. The program of the School, besides offering sociological and psychological knowledge, is geared to the combination of the particular accents of the theories, paradigms, hypotheses, methods, and problem orientation of cultural studies, communication and media studies, as well as historical social sciences, placing strong emphasis on critical, global and interdisciplinary approaches.

Entry requirements:
MA/MSc diploma

Entrance exam:

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Entrance exam description:
Phases of Admission ProcedurePhase 1. Research Portfolio: The Doctoral School expects applicants to have some prior research experience that may be substantiated by handing in a Research Portfolio in English. The length of the portfolio shall not exceed 30.000 characters without spaces. It shall consist of two parts and shall meet the requirements of a scientific writing both in its content and in its form: 1. Preliminary research plan in English (max. 10.000–15.000 characters) outlining the research topic. The essay shall feature the motivation, the theme, the disciplinary context and the delineation of the proposed research, the topics to be included in the literature review as well as the research objectives and the proposed methodological approach. 2. Work (or a selected excerpt thereof) presenting the applicant’s previous scientific experience and illustrating his/her ability in the area of critically analysing and synthesizing literature on a given topic (e.g. publication, (excerpt of) dissertation, research report, (excerpt of) paper presented at conferences (e.g. scientific conferences for students at BA/BSc or MA/MSc levels). Length: max. 10.000-15.000 characters. (All documents originally written in languages other than English or Hungarian must be accompanied by an official translation in English.)Further criteria of evaluation: Beside the submitted Research Portfolio, the admission committee grades applicants based on their previous academic/ scientific achievements and the Letter of Motivation about the application. The previous academic/scientific achievements/preparedness consists subcategories: 1. Proven involvement in scientific research/ work2. List of publications (written or oral /e.g. conference talk including papers presented at scientific conferences for students/) 3. Qualification of MA/MSc degree4. B2 or higher level state-recognized language examination in one of the following world languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and or Chinese)Phase 2.: Oral Entrance Examination (interview via Internet)After the Phase 1. selected applicant participate in the Oral Interview (in English). Discussion takes place on the answers given to the questions relating to the essay outlining the research topic, furthermore it is assessed whether the applicant’s intellectual capacities are suitable for scientific work. Criteria of evaluation: 1. the development of the research problem (clear and coherent train of thoughts), 2. the presentation of the disciplinary context, 3. the novelty of the approach, 4. evaluation of answers provided to the questions raised during the oral interview.The decision on admission is based on examination of the application documents and on the results of the oral entrance examination..


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Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States