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Deepen your understanding and view society through multiple lenses. Apply complex thinking. Navigate through a system of social issues and conflicts and propose meaningful solutions.

Programme description
​Our MA in Sociology is a logical next step for sociologists with an undergraduate degree and graduates of other social science disciplines. If you are passionate about changing society and making the world a better place, good news – we accept applicants from a range of other academic disciplines too!

You will deepen your appreciation of diversity, human behaviour, social organisation, social change, culture and nurture soft skills. Sociologists love to learn!

Become an analyst in social relations and processes. Examine the social challenges arising from globalisation. Master theories and methods and interpret the complex results of global social change and critical sociological analyses. You will develop critical thinking skills, evaluating global social change with a strong methodological approach.

Group discussions and debates are paramount to your learning experience in sociology. At Corvinus, you will benefit from studying in a smaller group and learning innovative methods to grasp hot sociological topics from our experienced teaching staff. You will work with students from all over the world, enriching dialogues and broadening your global network and outlook.

You will acquire a range of methodological techniques and interpret global social and economic databases. By opting to specialise in Global Social Studies, you can increase your perspectives of society, the socio-economic and political changes and societal behaviour.

​We accept students from a range of academic and professional backgrounds passionate about social change for admission onto our Sociology programme.

Entry requirements:
Undergraduate degree meeting minimum credit requirements (see above)
B2 Level English (see above)

Entrance exam:
There is no entrance exam, but you must produce a valid certificate in any of the following before the entrance exam period (April).

Your score will determine whether or not you are accepted to the programme.

Career opportunities

Our graduates progress to roles including:
- Social Worker
- Public Opinion Analyst
- Teacher
- Social Relations Analyst
- Sustainable Society Analyst.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment