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MAClassical Singing [Opera Singer/Oratorio and Song Performer]

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Program description:

Specialisation 1: Opera Singing

The education of opera singers who will be able to meet the high level expectations of modern performing practice, both technically and artistically.

Learning and analysing operatic roles. Performing vocal cord and respiratory exercises, studying as many different pieces as possible (Lieder, arias, chamber compositions) and performing them in their original languages, studying the characteristics of various vocal types, and getting acquainted with the interpretation of specific musical styles. These training steps are followed in a manner that is best suited to the talents of the individual student.

Specialisation 2: Oratorio and Song Performance

The aim is to master as much pieces composed for a certain voice type as possible (Lieder, oratorios, cantatas, chamber compositions), tending to reach the highest artistic level. Getting acquainted with the interpretational style of different periods, putting accent on mastering the pieces in their original languages and understanding the connection between lyrics and music are further goals of the education.

Selection process:

Applicants for part-time studies in Classical Singing are selected based on their submitted music portfolio (recording of three works performed by the applicant).

Please indicate in your motivational letter which specialization you are applying for.


Study Department, International Sub-Department

Programme structure

Curriculum: uni.lisztacademy.hu/for-students/curriculum-116343

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment