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BScEnvironmental Engineering

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Program description:
This course provides environmental engineers with up-to-date skills in ecology, technology, economics and management, so that they can organize and supervise disaster management and remediation activities. Our graduates have professional skills which enable them to reduce and eliminate existing environmental risks, harms and damage, make sustainable use of natural resources, and implement and operate low-waste technologies. They can devise technological solutions for reclaiming waste and disposing of hazardous waste.
Our graduates possess general knowledge in the fields of environmental policy, and the protection of nature and landscape. They also have a good command of at least one foreign language and are able to liaise with foreign experts and participate in international teamwork. 1. Water management.¬ During their tuition, students attending this specialization are familiarized with the ways of river and stream control, defense against flood and inland inundation, as well as for mountain entrapment. They acquire engineering skills for implementing methods of watershed control in flatland and hilly areas as well as the methods of sustainable agricultural water utilization in a nature ¬conscious way. 2. Water and Wastewater Treatment.¬ Students attaining this specialization comprehend the practical know- ¬how of operating process technologies and facilities in the field of water supply and drainage. We emphasize to acquaint students with the physical, biological and chemical fundamentals of water and wastewater purification processes as well as with the mechanical, process control and automation practices, which are essential for students to pursue their future profession.

Entry requirements:
Secondary school leaving certificate

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

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Entrance exam description:
The Institutional Stipendium Hungaricum Coordinator – based on the Tempus Public Foundation’s submitted list – will contact with Applicants via mail. The e-mail contains the schedule of recruiting process – including the details of on-line written and oral exams. The result of on-line written exam will be verified by the Departmental co-ordinator for International relations and undertake the Skype interview. Applicant’s recruiting scores are determined as follows: – Results of candidate’s preliminary studies (secondary school graduations) – Results of the online writing and verbal exams. During the recruiting process the co-ordinator examined the Applicant’s motivation background and knowledge of a foreign language.

Dr. Tamás Enikő Anna
Departmental co-ordinator for International relations

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