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Program description:
The aim of the programme is to provide excellent skills in each branches of sustainable horticulture, based on up-to-date knowledge in natural sciences. The significance of the ecological approaches, quality aspects and integrated technologies are all emphasized. The master thesis is based on individual research work and mainly focuses on current questions arising in the professional sectors and they attempt to improve technologies by analysing up-to-date theoretical data originating from basic and applied research. Our departments, the facilities of the experimental farm and modern laboratory equipment serve as a basis of valuable scientific results, supported by current methods of molecular biology, climatology, environmental and chemical analysis. Our students can specialize in different horticultural areas as follows: – fruit growing – medicinal plant production – floriculture and dendrology – vegetable and mushroom growing – viticulture and oenology. Beside the special horticultural modules (ornamentals, fruits, medicinal plants, vegetables, grape and wine), the study programme includes genetics, physiology, ecology, biometrics and related subjects. Theoretical lectures, field visits, lab and farm practices are all involved in the master programme.
For part time applicants (participants) there is a possibility to select courses according to his/her interest from the courses running in the actual semester. Also field practice in the experimental farm of the faculty may be selected for some weeks.

Entry requirements:
BSc in Agriculture or Life sciences, English language certificate (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS)

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
After the assessment of BSc degree and language certificate, there will be a questionnaire through th eDearApply system to check the experience, language skills and attitude of the applicant.

Dr. Zsuzsanna Végvári-Kothencz
international program coordinator

Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:

Minimum number of scholarship holders:

Maximum number of scholarship holders:


Programme structure

For part time applicants there are several courses to choose from the program.(See above)

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

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