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The goal of the English Studies program is the training of experts who, besides a full mastery of the English language, possess an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the language, culture, and history of English-speaking countries. Rather than being mere passive receivers of information, students who complete this MA program will be specialists fully capable of undertaking independent and original investigations in a wide range of topics. The English Studies MA program offers two complete (120 credit) curricula: the literary and cultural studies track and the linguistics track. The choice between these two must be made before application.

Programme structure

Main subjects typically include (this list is indicative and may change):
Year Main subjects
1 Terms and Concepts in Literary and Linguistic Studies, Advanced Academic Writing, Trends in Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies, Modern British Society and Language, Advanced Research Methods
2 The subjects of the literary and cultural studies track or the linguistics track. Thesis

Career opportunities

As highly educated experts, our graduates occupy positions where their views reach and influence many people. Graduates are capable of applying and developing the skills acquired here in areas as diverse as international relations, tourism, the press and the media, business, language technology, publishing, municipal and national administration, diplomacy, and cultural life. They are also encouraged to continue their academic work in the PhD programs of the university.

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Not available for applying at the moment
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