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The Central European Studies Programme provides complex social science knowledge about the history of the peoples in the territory, their political systems, cultures, religions, literatures, interethnic connections, economies, and analyses of historical and current problems. The programme consists of three parts: introduction, professional and differentiated, with both theoretical and practical courses. It is supplemented with optional courses and involves researching and writing a thesis. In each academic year a Central European (Polish, Czech, Slovak, etc.) visiting teacher explains the political culture of that particular country. Students have the possibility of learning Central European languages. Graduates in Central European Studies will be well-informed in complex social studies. The program is particularly recommended to those who deal with any field of social sciences or who want to work in public and/or political institutions, in the media, etc. Full knowledge about Europe is unimaginable without this special region of the continent.

The programme is designed to appeal to students who would like to taste Central Europe’s fascinating past, present, and future and much more than that, through a series of specially designed courses. The programme will develop insight into Central Europe’s historic, political, social and cultural progress in a wider comparative context. It is an indispensable approach, as cultures have been clashing in the region for many centuries.

The programme offers courses in a wide range of academic disciplines taught in English by local faculty and professors who are experts in their fields of study.

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Programme structure

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Career opportunities

The program aims to train experts who, with the help of their acquired specific knowledge, are able to carry out tasks related to foreign affairs, economics, research, representation, intercultural relations, diplomacy of culture and organization in relation to the Central European region. Graduates shall be able to carry out such tasks in scientific, media related, diplomatic, entrepreneurial, institutional and cultural settings. Graduates of the program will be prepared to continue their studies at doctoral level.

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Not available for applying at the moment
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