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The objective of the Choral Conducting MA programme is to train choral conductor artists who serve and spread the values of Hungarian and general choral culture. They have knowledge of the repertoire of choral art, and its practical applications. Having knowledge of different branches of choral art, they are able to establish new choirs, and direct different types of choirs. They use their sophisticated theoretical, vocal, and, to a certain extent, instrumental skills and knowledge in choral art in an individual way. It is also an objective that students acquire the different styles and the relevant performers knowledge, they study the methods leading to a deeper understanding of a piece and analytic tools by reading specific theoretical and historical literature, and they acquire general knowledge of music (theory and history) that is needed for becoming a professional musician.

Entrance exam:

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Evaluating general knowledge and language competence by means of interview.

Ms Beáta Seres
international coordinator

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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