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The aim of the course “Hungarian as a Foreign Language” aims to prepare international students for studying in Hungarian higher education institutions. The teaching material covers all the levels from beginner (A1) up to level B2. In the modules, designed in line with CEFR levels, several language competences (listening, reading comprehension, understanding reading, writing, composition of texts, conversation, oral communication) are simultaneously developed. In addition to the acquisition of language skills, needed for everyday life and university courses, knowledge connected to civilisation and culture is included in the course programme as well.

Programme structure

Hungarian as a Foreign Language for international students:

The educational package, designed to last for an entire academic year, comprises the following mandatory and elective panels:

1. Mandatory language training

- 1. semester: general language lessons – 30 Hungarian lessons / week
- 2. semester: general language lessons – 22 Hungarian lessons / week
- 2. semester: cultural and civilisational knowledge – 2 lessons / week) – International students should familiarize themselves with Hungarian cultural and civilisational knowledge as well as local customs.

2. Orientational training

Students choose 2 optional subjects as orientational training to prepare for their future degree programme. The choice of 2 subjects is obligatory to fulfil the training requirements.

- 2. semester: 2 subjects as orientational training – 3 lessons / week / subject

Evaluation and grading criteria:

For the certification, participants must participate in the course at least 80 per cent. The final language test consists of written and oral parts. Minimum result: 60 per cent (oral and written parts separately).

After the one year course, the student will get a cerficitate at level B1 or B2 about the one year training (depending on the result of the final language test).

Students who wish to continue their studies at the University of Nyíregyháza after the one-year Hungarian course, will have priority in the evaluation entry process.

Career opportunities

After finishing the Preparatory Programme students can continue their studies in a degree programme at a Hungarian university or can start working in Hungary.

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Not available for applying at the moment
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