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Programme objective

Our Commerce and Marketing program has a long-standing tradition and market-leading features in the field of marketing and commerce education. Its aim is to release professionals with up-to-date business knowledge, expertise, and skills to the labour market, who are able to perform the procurement and sale of various products and services in a demand-driven manner. Students graduating from this program will be able to manage the commercial, logistics, and marketing activities of SMEs and large enterprises. he focus of the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism is to further deepen the students’ skills and knowledge related to trade, management, logistics and marketing activities and practices related to commerce, domestic and international trade, and service processes. The program provides sufficiently deep theoretical knowledge for continuing one’s studies within the framework of a master’s degree program.

Specialisations in English:

We offer 4 optional specializations:

Digital Marketing

The aim of the specialisation is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical experience related to the challenges of the changing (digital) world and allow them to propose relevant answers to the issues of these topics from a business and marketing point of view in both corporate and agency environments. This specialisation is available for students of the Faculty of International Management and Business.


The specialisation provides a comprehensive understanding of the economic activities and operations of commercial and service provider companies, strategic thinking, and the use of the tools necessary for maintaining customer relationships, in addition to knowledge related to trade in goods. The aim of specialisation is to contribute to the development of the business sense and analytical skills of the students, as well as to describe the system of connections associated with the work of an expert in commerce. This specialisation is available for students of the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism.

Commercial Communication

The educational objective of the specialisation is to enable students to apply the acquired professional methodology in practice and to manage the marketing communication activities of a company, as well as to be able to cooperate with communication agencies and media owners effectively. This specialisation is available for students of the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism.

Commercial Logistics

The educational objective of the specialisation is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of logistics subsystems, to comprehend the operation of corporate processes in general especially in the case of commercial companies. The specialisation allows them to become familiar with the operation of the processes involved in the so-called gate-in and gate-out logistics and supply chain management, as well as to understand, organise and improve intra- and inter-company logistics processes in a systemic manner and efficiently cooperate in their management aided by an understanding of the correlations of corporate logistics and supply chain management. This specialisation is available for students of the Faculty of Commerce, Hospitality and Tourism.

During the 7-semester program, students obtain up-to-date theoretical and practical skills.

The training is primarily practice-oriented, supplemented with in-depth, high-level foundations in economics, methodology and business management, making our graduates capable of the following:

  • comprehensive assessment of the positions of businesses and institutions,
  • creation of corporate or partial strategies,
  • leading marketing and commerce organisational units and businesses,
  • planning and organising economic activities and projects, managing and controlling businesses and economic organisations,
  • elementary analysis of the concepts forming the foundation for the knowledge system of the commerce and marketing field,
  • working efficiently in economic, marketing, and commercial projects within a business entity.

Entry requirements:

1. Secondary school leaving certificate

2. B2 English language knowledge, proved by internationally accepted language examination system (e.g.: IELTS, TOEFL, WAEC, etc.) and interview performance

3. Transcript of secondary school studies

Entrance exam:

The entrace exam consists of two parts. On one hand, the applicants’ previous studies are evaluated (based on the transcripts and the final secondary certificate/high school diploma), motivation letter and any additional documents are checked as well. On the other hand, applicants need to participate in an online admission interview. During this interview applicants need to prove their English language skills and also their suitability for their chosen program.

Applicants are also invited to complete an online Mathematics test.

Type of entrance exam:
oral with a written Mathematics test

Entrance exam location:


Preparatory year available:

Specialisation year available:

Minimum number of scholarship holders:

Maximum number of scholarship holders:

Programme structure

Economics, Methodology and Business:

(economics, business mathematics, business statistics, international economics, marketing, basics of business economics, basics of finance, organisational and human resource management, basics of accounting, business communication)

Basics of Social Science:

(basics of commercial law, environmental economics, economic policy, economic geography, the study of the European Union)

General Professional Skills:

(the technical language of commerce and marketing, basics of controlling, market research, sales management, marketing communication and consumer behaviour, service and B2B marketing, commercial management, online marketing, corporate and marketing strategy)

As well as special skills related to the specialisations.

Career opportunities

Graduates will be able to work in the following areas:

  • commercial businesses,
  • marketing or marketing communication agencies,
  • logistics service providers,
  • middle and senior management positions at sales, logistics, and marketing departments of for-profit businesses,
  • management of the marketing activities of non-profit organisations.
Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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