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Program description:
The two-year MSc program in Mathematics provides a profound knowledge of mathematics competitive both in the academic and non-academic sectors, covering topics of algebra and number theory, analysis, geometry, probability theory and statistics, discrete mathematics, operations research, stochastics and data science. There is a large flexibility in choosing subjects according to the personal interests of the student. Foundational courses are provided to those who need them. Theoretical courses are taught mainly by internationally recognized scientists of the university. The students may enter leading-edge research projects of the Institute of Mathematics. Completing our program the graduated students have excellent career opportunities in the research sector, universities and research institutes (by becoming PhD students at either our university or some cutting-edge universities in the US or Europe), as well as in the industrial or commercial sector (by getting well-paid jobs that require greater general mathematical knowledge or a strong ability of abstract thinking and problem solving).

Entry requirements:
eligible BSc diploma and transcript; successful admission test; language skills proven by TOEFL (min 500 points), IELTS (min 5.0 points) or equivalent certificates (for further information refer to

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:
written and oral

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
Admission procedure in general and general requirements: refer to admission regulations at Minimum criteria: diploma of BSc in corresponding field, successful admission test.

Steps: – preevaluation of the submitted documents: quality of BSc diploma, quality of BSc transcript, obtained credits in Mathematics, additional evaluated aspects: quality of motivation letter, recommendation letter (if available) – electronic e-admission test (via internet): analysis, linear algebra, probability; electronic admission interview (given that written test is successful): technical knowledge, evaluation of language skills (the test is in English), motivation, attitude, technical preparedness in the selected field; Result: admission to MSc programme (min 70% admission result needed) /admission rejected

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Dr. Katalin Nagy

Dr. László Gergely Vigh
Directorate for Education

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Specialisation year available:

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Not available for applying at the moment