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BScVehicle Engineering

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The purpose of the program is to train vehicle engineers who are able to accomplish basic engineering tasks related to the design, manufacturing, systems thinking perspective of operation, and the repair of automotive, railway, naval and air vehicles, vehicle systems, construction and material handling machines and mobile machinery, considering the technicalities of transportation and logistics. They perform these tasks in accordance with the ruling principles of safety, environmental protection and power management. Students will be prepared to continue their studies at Master’s (MSc) level.

Programme structure

Main subjects typically include (this list is indicative and may change):

Professional field Main subjects
1. Vehicle and mobile machinery structures, equipment and operation: Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics of Vehicles, Applied Automation, Vehicles and Mobile Machinery
2. Vehicle and drive element design, manufacturing, repairing and maintenance: Vehicle and Drive Elements, Vehicle Materials and Technologies, Vehicle Manufacturing and Repair, Vehicle Design and Diagnostics
3. Informatics, control theory: Programming, Control Theory
4. Specific fields of vehicle and mobile machinery engineering: Electronics and Electrotechnics, Basic Theory of Vehicle Engineering, Technical Drawing, Measurement Technology, Electric Machines and Drives
5. Other? natural sciences, economics and humanities,

Internship, practice: Students should complete a 6-week professional practice

Preparatory year available:

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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