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The Master of Arts program in Cultural Anthropology (University of Miskolc, Hungary) offers students a twofold opportunity. One is to explore historically and socially variable cultural phenomena, from Europe and North America to Africa, Asia and South America (mandatory courses on People of the World) with a special emphasis on Central Europe. The other is to deepen and broaden their knowledge and understanding of local contexts and sociocultural processes in our fully globalized world. We welcome students from all over the world who are interested in various aspects and dimensions of culture (cultural diversity) and human nature, the application of social scientific knowledge and the special sociocultural contexts of Central Europe.

Cultural Anthropology is a master degree (MA) program with courses on history and theory of anthropology, qualitative research methods, and on subdisciplines of contemporary sociocultural anthropology, especially the different aspects of applied and visual anthropology. The courses offer deep understanding of and broad knowledge on the structure of Hungarian and Central European societies, regional and local social and cultural conflicts, an analysis of the effects of globalization, and on the evolution and workings of local sociocultural changes. Strength of our program is that it provides a deep insight into recent anthropological discourse and practice in and on Central Europe. We place special emphasis on complementing theoretical education with practical experiences, as students are also required to carry out fieldwork in their home country or joining the fieldwork programs of the Department of Cultural and Visual Anthropology assisted by an instructor acting as interpreter.

Students are encouraged throughout the two years of their study to articulate individual views with regard to bridging the academic aspect of cultural anthropology and that of putting anthropology in use in their term papers, fieldworks and the thesis they submit.

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Programme structure

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Career opportunities

The degree prepares students 1. to proceed to advanced postgraduate research or 2. to work as practitioners in fields related to applied and visual anthropology both in the civil society and the business world; 3. as researchers to use different kinds of qualitative methods of data collection and analysis; 4. as experts to prepare and make policy briefs and recommendations in the government sector; and 5. as change agents to identify, understand and analyze various types of sociocultural conflicts.

The Program will enable students to:
• gain high quality academic and practical knowledge as well as professional skills in the general field of cultural anthropology and in the domain of the application of social scientific knowledge to real-life sociocultural problems and of decision-making processes
• successfully navigate in the complex system of glocal sociocultural conflicts and problems as well as to join and initiate research and applied anthropological projects to investigate and solve or ameliorate sociocultural problems on the ground.
• acquire up-to-date and comprehensive expertise and skills in their profession
• collect, organize, present, evaluate, interpret and explain qualitative and quantitative data collected on the field
• and independently interpret, evaluate and synthetize information in order to apply them in the context of real life sociocultural problems and their solutions
• build skills and knowledge necessary for working in an inter- and transdisciplinary environment in the civil society, the government sector and the business world.

MA graduates will possess the following competences:
• solving sociocultural problems: preparing, supporting and making decisions based on both research data analysis of the particular situation in the field and the specific approaches, methods and theories of sociocultural and applied anthropology
• supporting and executing professional tasks as a member of an interdisciplinary research team and working in a culturally and socially diverse environment

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