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The aim of the programme is to train experts who have a proficient command of the English language and have profound knowledge regarding English-speaking cultures. BA graduates are able to responsibly interpret, transmit and create texts in the fields of everyday life, culture, politics, economics, social life, literature and linguistics at C1 level (CEFR framework). The programme lays emphasis on skills development, both in speaking and writing/reading, as well as acquainting students with a wide range of fields regarding English-speaking cultures, fostering creativity and critical thinking.

Our BA programme offers two kinds of specialisations: English Studies (50 credits, mainly for those wishing to go on to MA) and Secretarial and Management (50 credits, chiefly for students of a more practical orientation).

Information about the English programmes of the University of Nyíregyháza


Full English programme brochure:


Programme structure

Names of major subjects based on the curriculum:

Receptive and Productive Skills development subjects (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Use of English, Vocabulary Development)
Translation Studies
Basics of Grammar
The Culture of English-Speaking Countries
English Descriptive Grammar and Linguistics
British Literary History
American Literary History
Individual Research and Project Work
Presentation Skills

Specialization in English Studies (50 credits)

The Culture of English-Speaking Countries
Scottish Literature and Culture
Australian Studies
English Descriptive Grammar and Linguistics
Introduction to Applied Linguistics and Methodology
British Literary History
American Literary History
Interdisciplinary Criticism
Debate Skills
Negotiation Skills
English for Business and Economics

Specialization in Secretarial and Management Studies (50 credits)

Negotiation Skills
English for Special Purposes:
Business and Economics,
Legal English,
EU Studies,
Politics and Administration
Business Correspondence
Event Management
Electronic Writing Skills
Interpreting Skills and Translation Studies



Career opportunities

BA graduates will be competent in managerial positions in national or international organisations, companies, local councils, in cultural management, education, journalism and public relations. They may also continue their studies in any English MA programme.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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