Our Designer Making BA program specializes in Ceramics Design. It offers an opportunity to practice and improve in a wide range of activities. Students are introduced to the possibility of experimenting and combining design, material research, 3D design and 3D printing, a wide range of materials from paper to concrete. We believe in studio-focussed education and training. The campus is located on the premises of the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, where the beautiful historical buildings are filled with the atmosphere of pure culture.
We are the only training centre in Hungary where students can experience such a wide scale of design and making which will enable our students to solve assignments related to either design, craftsmanship, autonomous works of art or contemporary architecture alike. Students are invited to try all branches of this beautiful profession and decide for themselves which branch they wish to deal with more deeply.

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In the Designer Making – specializing in Ceramics Design program, the purpose of the portfolio/aptitude test is to assess the candidate’s sense of form and proportion, visual expressiveness, and visual creative ability based on the works. If the candidate can take an entrance examination on the basis of the portfolio, he / she will be invited via MS Teams, skype or other online channel, during which the admissions committee will verify his / her general education and artistic knowledge, motivation as well as language competence.

Ms Beáta Seres
international coordinator

Programme structure

6-semester BA program with basic subjects, professional oblogatory modul, differentiated professional subjects, compulsory elevtives and optional electives. Total number of credits to acquire: 180. No. Of contact hours: 2400. ECTS Credit system: One semester consists of a 15 week tutorial period, 5 week exam period. 30 ECTS credits are required on average per semester. 1 credit = 15 class hours and 15 individual work hours, resulting in 30 hours work altogether. (a 2 hour class per week course = 2 ECTS credits, a 4 hour class = 4 ECTS credits, etc.)

Career opportunities

Designer Maker (Ceramics Designer)

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment