Biomedical engineering is an emerging field that involves applying physical, chemical, mathematical, computer science and engineering principles to the analysis of biological, medical, behavioural and health-related problems. Biomedical engineers develop innovative devices and procedures to help prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. It relies on an in-depth understanding of science and engineering fundamentals, combined with a broad knowledge of physiological and anatomical systems.

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online interview/personal interview

Ms. Réka Kozsahuba
international coordinator
E-mail: kozsahuba.reka@mik.pte.hu

Programme structure

The structure of the programme is available at the following link: english.mik.pte.hu/biomedical-engineering-msc

Evaluation of the student is fully based on his/her performance and it gives a formal feedback of his/her progress in work. All courses and laboratory work end with a grade. The grading system generally used by Hungarian higher education institutions is the following:
•The highest grade is 5 excellent.
•Grade 4 is good.
•Grade 3 is satisfactory.
•Grade 2 is a pass.
•Grade 1 is a fail – the course must be repeated.

More information on UP’s grading policy can be found at the following location: English website of the Faculty

Career opportunities

Biomedical Engineer

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment