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The aim of the Master’s Degree Programme is to train clinical laboratory research professionals who are familiar with the general and specific rules and requirements of clinical laboratory research, and are capable of actively conducting clinical laboratory research in practice. Our aim is to train professionals who are able to conduct, organise and control the clinical trial and evaluation of medical and other therapeutic procedures and diagnostic methods. They possess the knowledge and skills which makes them capable of getting involved in the development, pre-manufacturing, and the implementation of manufacturing technologies in the field of drugs and laboratory diagnostics. They are qualified to manage clinical laboratory work. They are capable of receiving the newest implications of science and pursuing continuous education. They are able to apply their skills in practice in countries and institutions where the relevant laws, directives and protocols allow them. They are prepared to continue their education in doctoral studies.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
Oral motivation interview (Skype interview/personal interview)

Dr. habil Orsolya Máté
director of foreign affairs

Programme structure

Course name (Credit):

I. semester:
Clinical research I. (2), Biostatistics (2), Biostatistics practical (2), Pathobiochemistry I. (2), Principles of epidemiology (2), Principles of epidemiology practical (2), The modern methods of protein research (2), The modern methods of protein research practical (3), Scientific literary and databases search (2), The modern methods of molecular genetics and genomics (2), The modern methods of molecular genetics and genomics practical (2), Laboratory diagnostics I. (2), Safety technology (1), Clinical toxicology (1), Biomarkers in clinical diagnostics (1)

II. semester:
Practical management (3), Immunological methods in clinical research (2), Cell biology, cell physiological analyzing methods (theoretical, practical) I. (2), Pathobiochemistry II. (2), Medicine based on evidence (2), Academic publications, journal peer review (2), Modern morphological analyzing methods (2), Immunological methods in clinical research practical (4), Methods used in pharmacological resarch (4), Clinical pharmacology (2), Clinical genetics (2), Product orientated medicine and diagnostic research (2), Clinical case studies (2), Bioethics and legal knowledge (2), Pathobiochemistry comprehensive exam (0), Neurobiology (2)

III. semester:
Clinical research II. (2), Clinical research II. practical (2), Clincal research III. (Focused areas in clinical research) (2), Laboratory diagnostics II. (3), Analyzing methods of carbohydrate (2), Research laboratory or epidemiological professional practice (10), Diploma thesis project I. (research methodology, presentation making) (3), Diploma thesis project II. (research) (3), Diploma thesis project III. (experimental work) (3), Diploma thesis project IV. (processing and discussing results, consultation) (3)

Career opportunities

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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