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MscRegional and Environmental Economic Studies

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The study program aims to train professionals for public and private sectors in the field of urban, regional, and environmental economics, planning, and policies, who have innovative theoretical and practical skills and knowledge to analyze problems and relations of economic, social, and ecological processes on local and regional levels. Our program pays particular attention to the analysis of future tendencies (e.g. increasing importance of cities, the appearance of autonomous vehicles, innovative urban management aspects, new business models) as well as to their spatial and environmental-sustainable consequences. Students have the possibility to take part in theoretical and applied research projects, thereby enlarging and deepening their knowledge as well as developing their international contacts. Our graduated students can establish their scientific careers at Széchenyi István University Doctoral School of Regional- and Business Administration Sciences.

Dr. Hardi Tamás

Programme structure

The courses of the programme are divided into two categories:

compulsory courses (112 credit):
on theories (37 credits),
on policies and planning (24 credits),
on management (16 credits)
on methodology (20 credits)
on thesis work consultation (15 credits)
freely elected courses from a selected set of courses of the University (8 credits)

Career opportunities

Our experts will be capable of creatively and innovatively contributing to sustainability and regional policy-making, strategic planning and project programming, both in governments and in private enterprises

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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