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The programme brings its active and motivated students to professional level in artificial intelligence, digital twins (computational modelling with automated data coupling), and high performance computing. The programme prepares the students to scientific research and innovations in international research and innovation teams, development and research work in industry, and/or professional work in industry and other sectors
We use the central admission system with the support of the Center for International Programs:
1. review of the language and academic test with the help of the INOK and the head of the programme,
2. evaluating the previous academic results and admission documents
4. Online interview for students (including oral language test where language skills are not clear based on the certificates submitted
5. Verification of formal requirements

Dr. Harmati István
associate professor

Programme structure

The degree requires acquisition of 120 credits, where 1 credit equals one ECTS credit, and 1 credit is defined as 25 working hours.

The courses of the programme are divided into three categories:

• compulsory courses on mathematics (17 credits), data science (14 credits), programming and HPC (22 credits)

• compulsory courses on research methodology (2 credits) and master’ thesis preparation (30 credits)

• electives in mathematics (15 credits), data science (5 credits) and programming (25 credits) among which 5 courses are mandatory to select (25 credits)

• freely elected courses from a selected set of courses of the university (10 credits)

Career opportunities

Our graduate students can successfully find employment in the areas of software systems development and in the application, integration, operation and customization of user IT systems. In addition, the graduate may choose a career in research or higher education, the latter being closely linked to the PhD programmes offered by our University. Some potential positions might be: Development Engineer, System Administrator, System Designer, Program Designer, System Organizer or Product Manager. Graduates with this diploma could initially achieve managerial positions at the lower and middle levels of the corporate hierarchy. Our graduates have typically found positions with the following companies: IBM, T-Com, SAP, Synthesis, Pentatrade and other R&D and software development companies.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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