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Program description:
The Bachelor in Tourism and Catering is an 8-semester long training programme, taught fully in English. The programme consists of compulsory and optional courses, thesis consultation, thesis writing and a two-semester-long internship. The BSc degree is obtained by successfully accomplishing the internship, defending the thesis and passing the final exam.
The aim of the Tourism and Catering BSc programme is to train international economic professionals in the fields of tourism and catering, who, with their knowledge of economics, social theory, applied methodological skills and expertise, are able to carry out tasks in the field of tourism and catering, manage and organize related work processes, identify and analyse factors affecting demand, develop attractive and experiential offerings. By accomplishing the training programme, the BSc graduates will be able to successfully establish a career in the tourism sector as well as continue their studies in an MSc programme.

Entry requirements:
Certificate of completion of secondary education, a demonstrated proficiency in English (Intermediate, B2, or equivalent) and a written entrance examination test and oral interview taken online.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

written, oral interview

Entrance exam location:
online via the electronic study system of the university and Skype

Entrance exam description:
Entrance exam consists of a Mathematics and English written test and an oral interview. Candidates with a valid SAT-score in Mathematics above a certain level are exempted from the written entrance exam. The online oral interview is compulsory for all applicants.

Melinda Kovács
International Relations Coordinator

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Specialisation year available:

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Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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