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The Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology Engineering programme offers the opportunity for students to study viticulture and winemaking, including their technological background as well as vine types in Hungary and around the world. Students will also take courses in natural sciences essential for grape growing and winemaking such as grapevine biology, chemistry, geology, soil sciences, microbiology etc. Knowledge about the economical background of running a winery and wine marketing are also part of the programme.

Entrance exam:

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The admission procedure consits of the following parts:
- 20-30 minutes long online interview
- evaluation of application documents

Online interview: The University will contact all applicants to set up a suitable time for the online interview. Applicants will be interviewed by appointed staff members from the Department and the international office. Professors will check the applicant’s preliminary knowledge of the chosen study area and motivation. The international office will check the language skills and intercultural competences of the applicant.
The admission decision is based on the following results:
- result of previous studies (max. 20 points)
- CV, motivation letter (max. 20 points)
- online interview (max. 60 points)

Minimum admission requirements: 60 points. Those applicants who gain less than 5 points in any section of the admission procedure will be rejected.

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Not available for applying at the moment