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Engineering managers design, analyze and manage complex human-integrated systems such as manufacturing systems, supply chain networks and different service systems. These complex systems consist of a combination of people, material, equipment and information. Engineering managers have the necessary skills to optimize the systems for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, throughput or environment and human safety, and to function as a problem-solver, innovator, designer, coordinator and system integrator. Engineering managers apply their skills in an extremely wide range of organizations, including manufacturing industries, rural development, service industries, and governmental agencies.To achieve these objectives engineering managers gain knowledge in natural sciences, engineering sciences, IT, business and management. The study program will prepare our students to progress to PhD-level program.

Entry requirements:
BSc degree in the field of engineering and a min. B2 level of English

Entrance exam:
Oral interview

Contact person:
Ms. Réka Tóth
International Coordinator


Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment