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The aim of the Applied Mathematics master program is to train professionals who have well-grounded mathematical and informational knowledge in a theoretical and practical way. They are able to gain knowledge in industrial, commercial, agricultural, logistics, communication, finance and computer science issues to be used for analysis, modeling, and finding a solution for them. Furthermore, the best ones are able to keep going on in doctoral-level training and deepen their skills and knowledge.

Programme structure

(Course examples)

1st year
Fundamentals of algebra and number theory lecture and practice
Fundamentals of analysis lecture and practice
Geometry and computer graphics lecture and practice
Cryptography lecture and practice
Ordinary differential equations seminar lecture and practice
Codes and symmetrical structures lecture and practice

2nd year
System engineering laboratory work and lecture
Mathematics of Networks lecture
Design of Algorithms and Data Structures seminar
Complexity Theory
Statistics and applications seminar
Partial differential equations seminar and lecture
Diploma Work Practice

Career opportunities

Future Job Opportunities:

Higher education institutions – researchers and professors in colleges & universities
Statistical data analysis
Combined defense service (air force, naval academy)
Higher Management Position in public sector & banks
Operations research analysts
Computer systems analysts
Data analyst
Financial advisor
Positions in the technology-related sector

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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