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Our program in American Studies offers a comprehensive overview of the field at the graduate level. Students are required to take core courses in the different subfields of American Studies and in related areas such as cultural studies and cultural history, the social sciences and research methodologies, historical linguistics, popular and visual culture, etc. All these pave the way for the individual research students are required to undertake for their thesis in North American literature and literary studies in an interdisciplinary manner. The thesis supervised by our colleagues at the Institute of English Studies is to be handed in in the fourth semester and defended in order to earn an MA in American Studies.

Programme structure

Examples for subjects:
1st semester
Advanced Studies in American Literature
Advanced Studies in American History
Major Issues in American Studies
Cultural Studies in the US

2nd semester
Theory and Practice of American Studies
Aspects of US Culture and Society
US Politics & Culture
Literature & Identity Politics
Historical Fiction in North American Literary Contexts

3rd semester
American Literary History & Literary Theory
Research Methodology
American Political Institutions
American Literary Institutions
American Literature & Popular Culture

4th semester
The History of American English
Media & New American Literatures
The Social Sciences in North American Studies
American Literatures in International Context

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Not available for applying at the moment
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