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Please note that similarly to our other programs, the Graphic Arts program will only start if a certain number of successful applicants is reached. Thus it can happen that you pass the entrance exam but cannot join the program because it does not start due to insufficient number of successful applicants.

If selected for interview based on the works submitted, you will be asked to present your work during the entrance exam. The aim of the admission interview combined with the aptitude test, is to assess the candidate’s sense of form and proportion, visual linguistic expressiveness, visual creative abilities, based on the presentation of work brought from home. To be presented: study drawings (head, nude), professional (graphic design) works. The aim is to judge the candidate’s form, color and space shaping, compositional ability, sensitivity in the interpretation of the studied phenomena and the application of visual linguistic expressions, individual design expressions, art history, contemporary autonomous and design art knowledge, artistic skills. During the career aptitude interview, the candidate should demonstrate his / her knowledge in the field of contemporary autonomous and design art and prove his / her suitability for a career in design.

Programme structure

5 year / 10 semester non divided program

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment