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PhDDoctoral School in Regional Policy and Economics [Social Science]

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The University of Pécs Faculty of Business and Economics established its International
PhD Program in Regional Development for professionals who have collected several years
of experience in their field working at national, regional, and local levels of decisionmaking
or at think-tank organizations.
The aim of the program is to train high-quality professionals in the field of regional
development. This aim is achieved by a well-structured program that provides a strong
theoretical base and at the same time supports independent research under expert
supervision and by regular feedback.
The Program is designed to help students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for
writing good quality doctoral dissertations. To serve this aim the Program supports
independent research by providing experienced faculty supervisors and professional
feedback at dissertation seminars. From the very beginning, the Program provides
methodological and practical support for individual research.
The International PhD Program in Regional Development combines the advantages of
contact-based and distance-based education drawing on the contribution of its recognized
national and international faculty. The educational period consists of four semesters
followed by another four semesters to finalize the PhD research.

Ms. Mária LAJOS
international coordinator

Programme structure


Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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