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Join us and understand better the 21st century’s fast-evolving reality in which new priorities emerge at an unprecedented speed. Identity, belonging to a culture and traditions and also understanding the common values your community is built upon, is becoming ever more prominent. Rediscovering our unique European heritage based on the ancient Greek and Roman cultures and more than 2000 years of Christianity is essential.

Our globalised world has been dealing with a series of dramatic shocks and the European Union is no exception. It is safe to say that we do not see the end of these tectonic global shifts. More than ever there is a need for a league of young and educated people that can safely navigate on unchartered territories. There is a need for future administrators and leaders of complex governance structures, who have the skills, the knowledge and the courage to face an ever more volatile geo-economic and geopolitical reality. This new world needs youth that masters the skills required at the international level – but also able to act locally, to understand the potentials as well as the limitations and risks of globalisation or the recently emerging disruptive factors such as social media or artificial intelligence. A generation of public administrators and leaders that succeeds not only in a business-as-usual environment but also in crises.

Our world – your world – as it is today, is unsustainable. We must get prepared to face and tackle all the economic, social and governance-related consequences of this fact. Above all, we must cherish our humanity and personal relationships within our community and acknowledge the importance of acting for the public interest.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment