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PHDPál Csonka Doctoral School of Architecture [Engineering Science]

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Program description:
The Pál Csonka Doctoral School is an interdisciplinary school with focus on scientific research in a broad field centered around Architectural Engineering. Relevent disciplines include architecture, energetics, urban sciences, construction and management, structural engineering, applied mechanics, and applied geometry. Most of our doctoral students have masters degrees in Arcitecture, but we also accept students with other types of engineering, arts or mathematics degrees.
The main focus of the 4-year curriculum is independent research in close collaboration with the supervisor of the student. Students are also expected to take and to teach some courses. The main goal is a high-quality doctoral thesis supported by publications in international, peer-reviewed journals. We seek applicants with prior research experience and good English communication skills.
Applicants with experience in architectural design rather than in scientific research should also consider the The Doctoral School of Architecture of the same institution.

Entry requirements:
relevant MSc degree; quality of MSc transcript (min. 70%); successful admission interview; research plan agreed and accepted by the host institute in advance; language skills proven by TOEFL (min iBt 80 points), IELTS (min 5.5 points), Cambridge First Certificate, or equivalent certificates (for further information refer to www.bme.hu)

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Entrance exam description:
Admission procedure in general and general requirements: refer to admission regulations at www.bme.hu Minimum criteria: eligible diploma of MSc, successful admission interview, research plan agreed by the host institute (please contact the faculty) Steps: – preevaluation of the submitted documents: quality of MSc diploma, quality of MSc and BSc transcripts, research plan, additional evaluated aspects: quality of motivation letter, recommendation letter, extra-curricular activities (e.g. involvement in education, research, publication activitites, technical contests, additional language knowledge, etc.) – electronic interview: evaluation of language skills (the interview is in English), motivation, attitude, technical preparedness in the selected research field Result: admission to PhD programme /admission rejected

Dr. Bálint Kádár
Vice-Dean for Science of the Faculty of Architecture

Dr. László Gergely Vigh
Director of the Department of International Academic Affairs

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Not available for applying at the moment