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PGKodály System - Postgraduate Specialist Training Programme

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Competences to be acquired:
The objective of the programme is to train professionals of musical competences who are able to make their students feel the emotional dominance of musical education and consider the artistic, communicative, and educational function of music as well as its functions of personality development and conveying experiences.

Knowledge to be acquired:
Possessing the knowledge, methods, tools acquired during this training programme, the students will be able to perform intense activities of development in the field of musical education. They will also be able to create a joyful musical atmosphere, which conveys positive experiences, and opportunities in the field of musical development. The students will also be able to put Kodály’s principles of musical education into practice.

Personal abilities and skills:
o Musical communication skills
o Activating skills
o Motivating skills
o Creativity
o Empathy
o Ability to cooperate

Programme structure

2 year/4 semester post graduate training

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment