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The degree covers the impact nutrition has regarding the function of the human body in health and disease. It provides professional knowledge and skills to prevent, treat and manage poor health with food, nutrients and dietary change. After the successful completion of this program, you, as a qualified dietitian, will be able to use your knowledge to work with people by promoting healthy lifestyle, optimizing health, managing and preventing diet-related diseases. Dietitians are the only qualified health professionals who assess, diagnose, treat and prevent diet and nutrition problems. The aim of this program is to enable you to use your proficiency to promote a healthy lifestyle and offer nutrition advice. You will be able to interpret the latest nutrition science results into more comprehendible, practical information about diets and healthy eating. Furthermore, you will be able to help people to manage their health and nutrition-related diseases. Once you have successfully completed this program, you will gain a comprehensive view of the mental and physical aspects of nutrition, helping people overcome the barriers hindering behavioural change. As a dietitian you will be guided to acquire communicational and professional skills in order to became an effective health care professional, serving people in need by improving and maintaining people’s quality of life and health.

More information contact:
Maria Tóth
admission and scholarship coordinator

Programme structure

Lecture, Seminar: 61%
Practice: 39%

Career opportunities

The degree will open up a range of career opportunities in the following fields:
Health care institutions, educational institution in the field of health, university departments, institutes, research centers, food and feed companies or research companies and institutes, food office and civil organizations.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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