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The aim of the course is to train chemists who have theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry, an acceptable basic knowledge of related disciplines (mathematics, physics, informatics, foreign languages) and who, on completion of the bachelor’s degree, are able to perform jobs requiring the recognition and independent solution of practical tasks and problems in chemical production, analytical and quality assurance laboratories, as well as in administrative, environmental management and environmental protection fields. They are prepared to continue their studies at Master’s level.

Qalification: Chemist

The students have 6-week internship during the training.

Programme structure

Major courses:

Applied Mathematics
Fundamentals of Physics
General Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Green Chemistry
Structural chemistry
Analytical Chemistry.
Organic Chemistry.
Physical Chemistry
Praparative laboratory practice
Physical Chemistry laboratory practice
Bioorganic Chemistry
Atomic physics
Reaction kinetics
Material Science
Applied Chemistry
Chemical Informatics

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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