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The BSc engineering program in English leads to a BSc degree in four years. Two specialisations are offered: Structural Engineering and Infrastructure Engineering. Graduates from the BSc Specialization in Structural Engineering are able to design, construct and organize the investments of mechanically, structurally and technologically complex structures in close cooperation with architects as well as transportation and hydraulic specialists. These structures
include bridges and underground passages for transportation networks; power stations, cooling towers, craneways, transmission and telecommunication line structures; warehouses, industrial plants, and multi-storey buildings as well as hydraulic and water utility structures. Graduates from the BSc Specialization in Infrastructure Engineering are able to design and construct urban and regional infrastructure, such as roads, railways, water and wastewater utilities, hydraulic constructions, and organize engineering activities in these fields.

Entry requirements:
- secondary school leaving certificate, – successful admission test, – language skills proven by TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent certificates (for further information refer to

Entrance exam:

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Entrance exam description:
Admission procedure in general and general requirements: refer to admission regulations at Steps: – preevaluation of the submitted documents: quality of secondary school leaving certificate and/or transcript, motivation letter, recommendation letter (if available), extra-curricular activities – electronic e-admission test (via internet): Mathematics, Physics (the test is in English) – visit for further information and training for the test Result: admission to BSc course / admission to Pre-Engineering course / admission rejected (for further information on BSc and Pre-Engineering courses visit

Dr. Olivér Fenyvesi
course director

Dr. László Gergely Vigh
Directorate for Education

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Programme structure

Structural Engineering Specialization:

Infrastructural Engineering Specialization:

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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