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MScBusiness Development (Gyöngyös) Students at Risk

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If we look around the world we can see that SMEs and startups are more and more important in global economy and it is true not only for employment but incomes and GDP too. These organizations can be the answers for challenges of youth unemployment, social problems and different types of innovational issues. Besides the entrepreneur mind, the entrepreneur mentality and attitude are needed by bigger corporations, even multinational companies thanks to the intrapreneurship as a new trend. In this way it does not matter the size of company, the business development is a „neverending story”, a standard expectation and only way to be successful in the market. Our Business Development (MSc) programme focus on these points touching issues like business innovation and business financing, corporate strategies, management, operative challenges of running a business, socio economic forecast, production and process management etc. After successful finishing of your studies in these knowledge fields you will able to establish, run and develop an own business or lead others as a manager in any business company

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment