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Program description:
The Doctoral School of Physical Sciences provides elite education in science and technology in the fields of frontline theoretical, experimental, and applied research. Study and research environment is provided by the departments of BME’s Institute of Physics and Institute of Nuclear Techniques, in collaboration with research institutes of excellence of the Eötvös Loránd Research Network (Academy of Sciences) and industrial partners. Our research areas and suggested fields of study include (but are not restricted to): Condensed matter physics, Materials science, Classical and quantum field theory, Quantum technology, Quantum computing and communications, Nanophysics and nanotechnology, Spintronics, Statistical physics, Nuclear technology and reactor physics, Medical physics , Fusion and plasma physics, Applied and quantum optics and photonics, Complex networks and data science, Computational physics.

Entry requirements:
– diploma of MSc in Physics or any fields of engineering;
– successful admission exam;
– research plan preliminary accepted by the faculty (refer to the web site of the Doctorate Council);
– confirmation letter of the prospective supervisor (please see instructions at phd.physics.bme.hu/call-for-SH-applications?language=en);
– language skills proven by TOEFL (min iBT 90 or PBT 550 points), IELTS (min 5.0 points) or equivalent certificates.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:

During the admission process, maximum 100 points can be achieved, partitioned into two major components: – preevaluation of the submitted documents (max. 50 points): quality of MSc and BSc diploma and transcripts, with major emphasis on subjects in the field of Physics and Mathematics, maximum point can be obtained only if at least 120 ECTS credits are completed either in the fields of Physics, Mathematics or engineering, confirmation letter of prospective supervisor (please see instructions at phd.physics.bme.hu/call-for-SH-applications?language=en), extra points can be awarded for publications in the corresponding fields – electronic interview (in English, via internet) (max. 50 points): evaluation of motivation, attitude, technical preparedness in the field of modern Physics and in the selected research field Result: admission to PhD programme (minimum 70 points required) /admission rejected Further details in the admission regulation.

Sarolta Lénártné

Dr. László Gergely Vigh
Directorate for Education

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Not available for applying at the moment