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The EKCU Institute of Music offers a six-semester bachelor degree programme, where students study and experience a blend of Hungarian music education tradition and a 21th century approach to music education and performance practice. While becoming knowledgeable in the methods and principles of the Kodály concept, students can become members of the faculty ensembles (sing in our award-winning choir, play in chamber music formations and light music bands) and develop their vocal/instrumental skills. Also, at our Computer Music specialisation, students acquire the essential knowledge for a skilled, contemporary musicianship. We are proud of our acclaimed faculty, some of us give concerts all over the world, are prize winning composers and choir leaders, or theatre music specialists and leading music historians.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
The admission procedure consits of the following parts:
- 20-30 minutes long online interview
- evaluation of application documents

Online interview: The University will contact all applicants to set up a suitable time for the online interview. Applicants will be interviewed by appointed staff members from the Department and the international office. Professors will check the applicant’s preliminary knowledge of the chosen study area and motivation. The international office will check the language skills and intercultural competences of the applicant.
The admission decision is based on the following results:
- result of previous studies (max. 20 points)
- CV, motivation letter (max. 20 points)
- online interview (max. 60 points)

Minimum admission requirements: 60 points. Those applicants who gain less than 5 points in any section of the admission procedure will be rejected.

The study programme is available to St@R scholarship holders as follows:
2022/23 Academic Year full time studies starting in the Autumn Semester
2022/23 Autumn Semester part time studies
2022/23 Spring Semester part time studies

Institutional Coordinator:
Ms Anita Molnár
Mobility Coordinator

Programme structure

Basic Training: 74 crs
Core Training: 34 crs
Optional Courses and Student Research Societies: 9 crs
Degree Thesis: 10 crs
Specialisation in Computer Music: 50 crs
Major learning areas:
1) music performance subjects: instrumental/vocal training, solo and group, choir/chamber singing, chamber music, ensemble performance, score-reading
2) subjects of artistic theory: e.g. music theory, folk music, music theory, thesis work, music research methodology, music terminology, light music
3) music education subjects: e.g. music pedagogical studies and event management, concert pedagogy, field practice
4) computer music subjects: e.g. form and analysis, organology, computer music notation, electronic music, musical theatre literature, orchestration, music technology

More information: uni-eszterhazy.hu/en

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the degree, students can either pursue their studies on Masters level, or get employed by artistic institutions, play/sing in either amateur or professional music ensembles (orchestras, choirs), or work at tv/radio stations.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment