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PhDGyörgy Málnási Bartók Doctoral School of Philosophy Students at Risk

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Program description:
Our profile is variety in the tradition of classical Continental Philosophy and in some of the more current philosophical disciplines such as applied philosophy (environmental philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics), pragmatism, contemporary aesthetic thought and certain aspects of analytic philosophy. We also encourage and promote innovative, interdisciplinary research between traditional philosophy and cultural studies, the philosophy of art, religious studies, psychology, linguistics and media studies. For the most current and urgent debates of ethical and environmental concerns we provide the intellectual hardware based on the Continental philosophical tradition in order to foster thoughtful and responsible intellectual assessment and discussion of current cultural and social challenges. Research areas cover outstanding Continental thinkers, phenomenology, philosophical anthropology, existentialism, contemporary applied philosophy, 20th century and contemporary aesthetics and philosophy of art, modern epistemology and logic.

Application and admission requirements:
MA diploma, B2 level competence in English, letter of motivation, research plan Applicants present themselves and their projects in an oral Skype interview.

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
Applicants register via the online application system. The entrance exam will be conducted in person, at a venue belonging to the Faculty of Arts OR at a venue previously designated by the Faculty of Arts in the applicant’s place of residence OR through a Skype interview. Identification of the applicant happens on the basis of personal documents. The entrance exam consists of an interview of motivation.

Dr. Emese Mogyoródi

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Not available for applying at the moment