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Program description:
The Full-Time MBA program is designed specifically for International and Hungarian students looking for a truly global education experience. The Full-Time MBA program is a two year program for applicants with an average of 2-3 years work experience (depending on the first diploma). Students who choose the full-time MBA program are usually career driven individuals who would either like to make a career change or looking to improve their managerial knowledge including skills for launching a start-up company. To best prepare our students for the business world of tomorrow, the full-time MBA program covers every element of management, leadership, and business administration. Our Full-Time students will spend more time in the classroom than their Executive MBA fellows to allow them to engage more deeply in solutions and techniques.

Entry requirements:
REQUESTED DOCUMENTS • CV • HIGHEST DEGREE (colour scanned version of the official diploma and an official translation in English) /after the successful admission the original should be shown at the MBA office/ • official diploma TRANSCRIPT (colour scanned version) • MOTIVATION LETTERREFERENCE OF WORK EXPERIENCE • in case of BA/BSc degree 3 years work experience • in case of MA/MSc degree 2 years work experience • coloured scan of the PASSPORT with an original signature of the candidate • DIPLOMA ACCEPTANCEPETITION FOR ACCEPTANCE OF DEGREECREDIT ACCEPTANCE REQUEST WITH COURSE FORM DIPLOMA ACCEPTANCE: If your diploma was issued by a non-Hungarian higher educational institution. CREDIT ACCEPTANCE: No request should be submitted in case of BSc degree (issued by a Hungarian Higher Educational Institution) in: Applied Economics, Human Resources,Business Administration and Management, Economic and Financial Mathematical Analysis (Msc), Commerce and Marketing, Public Services, International Business Economics, Finance and Accounting, Tourism and Catering, Vocational Instruction in Business, Business Informatics, Agrobusiness and Rural Development Engineering, Technical Management, Health Care Management. Students with other BA/BSc or Master degrees can also apply if they have collected 60 credits in the subject areas as listed below. Applicants with a minimum of 30 credits will also be considered, however, they will need to obtain a further max. 30 credits during the first academic year of studies as designated by the Program Director. o Foundation courses in Methodology (15 credits): Mathematics, Statistics, Informatics o Foundation courses in Economics (10 credits): Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Environmental Economics, Economic Theory, History of Economic Thought, Economic Statistics, Economic Modelling, Economic Policy, Sectoral and Functional Economy, Public Economics, World and European Economics, Public Policy Skills o Foundation Courses in Business (10 credits): Business Economics, Finance, Business Law, Decision Theory and Methodology, Business Ethics, Business Communication o Foundation courses in Social Sciences (10 credits): EU Studies, Economic and Legal Studies, Economic History, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology o Professional Knowledge (15 credits): Organizational Behaviour, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Production Management, Management and Organization, Controlling, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Management More information on the credit acceptance procedure • The unconditional prerequisite for applying to a Master’s program is the applicant’s having obtained at least a Bachelor level diploma (min. 3 years of studies!). • In cases, where the obtained diploma is not in the required study area as set out in the admission requirements, applicants must hand in the present Request for Credit Acceptance form together with the appropriate Course Form. • In the course of the credit acceptance process, the Credit Acceptance Committee of the Faculty of Business Administration will determine how many credits can be accepted from the applicant’s previous higher educational studies in the given Master’s program. Missing credits can be achieved after acceptance within the first two academic semesters, by registering for the courses prescribed by the Credit Accreditation Committee. The applicants must submit the following documents: • A Request for Credit Acceptance form • The Course Form • A copy of the previous transcript or index and the diploma supplement • Please, find the forms on the following link: corvinus-mba.hu/programs-academics/full-time-mba/ Submission of the photocopy of the diploma is required. The copies can be simple photocopies (no official notarization is needed). In case of acceptance, however, the applicant will have to show all the original documents at the time of inscription. ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIRED: A min. B2 (upper-intermediate) knowledge equivalent to IELTS 5.5-6.5, TOEFL 87-109 or Cambridge FCE is required but a C1 (advanced) level is highly recommended (IELTS 7.0-7.5, TOEFL 110-120 or Cambridge CAE).

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Mr Miklos Janoki
admissions coordinator

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Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States

Not available for applying at the moment

Application deadlines apply to citizens of: United States