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PHDDoctoral School of Business and Management [Social Science]

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Program description:
The Doctoral Program of Business and Management aims to prepare students to carry out high quality research in management and business related areas. In order to achieve this goal PhD students take courses in research methodology and subject area topics. These courses are designed to inform students of the latest research in that area. During the seminars interactive discussions are held with active participation of students. Each course ends with an exam. After completing the course work, PhD candidates go through a complex exam as part of the requirements for the doctoral degree. PhD candidates need to demonstrate their ability to conduct high level research work. The dissertation has to include original empirical research. The dissertation has to be defended in front of a reviewer committee during an open session..

Entry requirements:
MA/MSc diploma

Entrance exam:

Type of entrance exam:

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
Phase 1. Preselection based on the submitted documents: The admission committee grades applicants based on their previous academic/ scientific achievements and the Letter of Motivation about the application. The previous academic/scientific achievements/preparedness consists subcategories: 1. Proven involvement in scientific research/ work 2. List of publications (written or oral /e.g. conference talk including papers presented at scientific conferences for students/) 3. Qualification of MA/MSc degree 4. B2 or higher level  state-recognized language examination in one of the following world languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and or Chinese)
Phase 2.: Oral Entrance Examination (interview via Skype) After the Phase 1. selected applicant participate in the Oral Interview (in English) where professional knowledge in management and business administration and in quantitative methods has to be demonstrated as well his/her research plan is discussed more deeply. The decision on admission is based on examination of the application documents and on the results of the oral entrance examination.


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