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Business Informatics combines traditional business with computer science. Solve modern business problems with the fastest, most efficient, technical business solutions. Develop IT, project management and business software application skills and essential soft skills.

Programme Description
​All commerce, services and production use and benefit from technology and computing.

If you are interested in both software and business – our MSc Business Informatics is for you!

Dive into a refined mix of management, controlling and accounting blended with IT-related skill development, propelling you in your professional development.

As a Business Informatics graduate, you will understand complex business processes. During your studies, you will uncover issues and develop alternative solutions – making you ready to manage information as a strategic resource.

You will interpret and recall information strategy planning, system design and development, IT project management, application integration, business intelligence and IT security.

Entry requirements:
Undergraduate degree meeting minimum credit requirements (see above)
B2 Level English (see above)

Entrance exam:
There is no entrance exam, but you must produce a valid certificate in any of the following before the entrance exam period (April).

Your score will determine whether or not you are accepted to the programme.

Career opportunities

Our graduates progress to roles including:
- Systems Analyst
- IT Consultant
- IT Auditor
- Business Intelligence Expert
- ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Expert

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment