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Program description:
The program, which is operated jointly with Semmelweis University Budapest, allows students to gain advanced theoretical and practical knowledge at the intersection of medicine and informatics. Medical biotechnologists work in the rapidly developing bio-medicinal field where their responsibilities include research, development, application and management. They are able to model and simulate biological systems on computers, are familiar with the current methods in molecular diagnostics and therapies, as well as design, create, manage and use databases in the field of medical biotechnology. Medical biotechnologists are able to handle and interpret large-scale data sets of medical relevance. As specialists trained in science, informatics and specific fields of medicine, they can be employed in basic research, or in the fields of pharmaceutics, medical/molecular diagnostics or biotechnology.

Entry requirements:

BSc in Molecular Bionics, Biomedicine, Chemical Engineering, Medical Laboratory and Imaging Diagnostic Analysis, Biology or Chemistry (or similar).

In case of other BSc degrees, the Credit Transfer Committee reserves the right to make a decision about the application.

The diploma rate must be over 75%.

One of the following English language certificates: IELTS with total score of 6.0 / TOEFL with score of 90. Exemption: Bachelor degree obtained in a full English language program.

Entrance exam:
Subjects of the entrance examination (written and oral):
- Chemistry
- Biology

Type of entrance exam:
Online test AND online (audiovisual) interview

Entrance exam location:

Entrance exam description:
After an evaluation of preliminary studies applicants with appropriate qualifications take a written electronic test covering topics in Biology and Chemistry.
If the applicant obtains enough score in the online test he/she will be invited to attend a personal interview, primarily conducted via Skype. The International Relations Office notify the student in advance about the planned themes of the oral exam.The top applicants are interviewed online where details of the applicant’s BSc diploma thesis, as well as general professional commitment, language proficiency and communication skills are examined. The Evaluation Committee sets the final score and admission result based upon the quality of the application material, the online test and the personal interview.

Detailed admission requirements and exam topics

Further Information for Stipendium Hungaricum applicants

International Relations Office

Compulsory preparatory semester:
Based on the performance at the entrance exam, the applicant may be obliged to attend a preparation semester in order to be admitted to the Medical Biotechnology program. This intensive course takes place in the fall semester (September-January). After successfully completing the preparation semester, the student may complete the 4 semesters of Master’s program.

Specialisation year available:
No. Specializations are built into the Curriculum of the Study program.

Minimum number of scholarship holders:

Maximum number of scholarship holders:

Information available on the website

Programme structure

The actual Masters Program is preceded by a compulsory preparatory semester in the Fall term. The preparatory semester consists of four three-week-long modules, each module comprising three or four subjects. The courses follow an intensive schedule, and each are concluded by a compulsory exam. The Curriculum of the compulsory preparatory semester for the Master’s program in Medical Biotechnology comprises the following subjects:

- Academic English
- Algebra
- Bioinformatics
- Calculus
- Chemistry and Biology
- Hungarian
- Molecular Biology and Genetics
- Neuroscience and Electrophysiology
- Probability and Statistics
- Programming 1-2-3.

The actual Masters program (4 semesters) starts in the spring term, upon successful completion of ALL SUBJECTS of the Preparatory semester.

The Curriculum of the Medical Biotechnology MSc study program (120 credits) comprises the following modules:

● Fundamentals in Natural Sciences and Mathematics (total required: 15-25 credits)
● Economics and Humanities (total required: 5-15 credits)
● Skills in Medical Biotechnology (total required: 15-35 credits)
● Specialization (total required: 30-50 credits)
● Project Work and Thesis Work (total required: 29 credits)
● Other elective subjects (maximum 6 credits)

Specializations offered within the program:
● Molecular Biotechnology
● Applied Bioinformatics

Detailed Curriculum of the Medical Biotechnology MSc

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Not available for applying at the moment
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