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The aim of the program is to train social policy professionals who, with their acquired theoretical and methodological knowledge, are able to participate in the formulation of policies in the field of societal and social policy, to contribute to the operation of the service system, to represent social interests and to theoretical research, research and development of social and social policy education. They are ready to continue their studies in doctoral programs.

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Evaluation of submitted documents, online interview and ranking of applicants

Ms. Vanda Bőczin-Sirkeci

Programme structure

Social Sciences (Sociology, multidisciplinary Social Sciences) 70-90 credits including Thesis Work, as follows:
Societal and Social Policy 50-70 credits;
Law, Economics, Humanities 10-40 credits; Professional practical training includes field practices in external institutions, non-external small-group skills training seminars in academic settings, field research and the related research seminars, workshops and project practices and the external practice-related seminars. Students are required to accomplish 240 hours (is equivalent with 8 credits) of Social Policy practice in order to develop the competencies necessary for autonomous work. The programme of the professional training should be organized or approved by the training institution. Students may complete a maximum of 50 per cent of the external professional training at their own workplace, if approved by the training institution.

Career opportunities

Social Policy Expert

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment
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